Packing a primal/paleo lunch for school

In general, we eat primal at our house, but I’m not super hard-core about being grain- and legume-free with my boys. If they have pizza at a party, or waffles with their grandparents, I’ve made peace with it. I tend to follow the 80/20 rule with my boys and their diet – if they eat fresh whole food most of the time, I’m ok.

Eliminating grains and legumes for breakfast and dinner has been easy at our house, but lunch can still be a challenge. What can you pack that is gluten-free and doesn’t rely on GF packaged foods?

Well, for me it has been more about changing how I view lunch. You have to get away from thinking that everything has to be put in bread. Once you get over the sandwich bias, there’s a lot you can pack. Now that it’s colder, my boys like hot leftovers like chili or stir fry in their thermoses.

Our standby lunch for my oldest son is a salad with a bunch of veggies and protein. He is not a big fan of dairy or veggies – so he is more of a challenge. Thankfully he likes luncheon meet, so he gets lettuce and nitrite-free turkey wraps often.

Here is a typical lunch that they bring to school: mixed green salad with tomato, mozzarella (make it paleo by taking out the dairy products), and cucumber; ranch dressing, clementine and primal brownie (I made the brownies w/ almond and coconut flour).



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