Five tips for mama-razzis

Love photography, but scared to get off program mode?  Here are five tips that can help any mom make better pictures of her kids.

1. If you are outside, move your subject(s) into light shade. When your subject is in bright sun, you get squinty eyes and dark shadows around the eyes. When you move everyone into even shade (no dappled light), everyone looks better.

2. Turn off your flash! A flash creates really hard shadows, the evil red-eye and makes the background dark.  Also, the flash tends to wash out skin tones.  If you are inside, turn on all the lights, and/or go next to a window that has a lot of light streaming in. Unless it is night, you will not need a flash outside at all. You will be surprised how much better your photos look!

3. Pay attention to what is in the background.  Are there any people photo-bombing your picture?  Is there a tree or pole growing out of your subject’s head?  If so, you need to move either to the right or left (keeping your subject in the same spot) until you find a good composition.

4. Get in close. Have your family get in close together, and then you get close to them. A nice, tightly framed photo makes your family the center of attention, and removes any distractions in the environment.

5. Set your white balance! Most amateur photographers don’t know how to set the white balance, and the color of their pictures is off.  Look at your camera’s manual, and learn how to set your custom white balance. Clear, true to nature colors will make an amazing difference in your photos.


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